Subject: Re: Global Flood?


I really do appreciate Seeker's determination not to accept anything
unless it makes sense to him and unless he feels comfortable with it
having proved it to himself. We need more people with that courage. Mr
(or is it Ms ?) Seeker, you are the sort of person with the right
inquiring mind.

Concerning the Flood's universality we need to remember a few


When God spoke to Noah that he would intervene with a flood he said of the
corrupt creatures, (which included = "all flesh", i.e. people
as well as animals),

"behold I will DESTROY them WITH THE EARTH".
(Gen 6:13)

Here God is explicit that not only would "all flesh" be
destroyed but this entire world (planet) would a prime target and be
destroyed during that process. Most people are unaware of this prophecy
and think there were a couple of metres of water to drown a couple of
people. No, this destruction of the entire planet earth happened as I also
intimated last week. Since God does not lie and since He keeps all his
promises, who would ask for more proof of a universal flood?

It took just more than a year (approx. 370 days) for the flood waters to
fully subside. "coming and going" (signifying unobstructed
tidal waves in the watery expanse of a world ocean without landmasses: Gen
8:3). With the "wind" (of Gen 8:1) passing across the whole
earth (due to the newly established geothermal gradient between polar
latitudes and the equatorial regions, due to a greater tilt of the
earth's axis) Noah's ark must have been blown (bobbing wildly
and apparently rudderlessly) several times around the earth. However, due
to the high carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere (as gleaned from the
content of micro-fossils) at that time (of volcanic origin as well as from
the rotting biomass forming methane gas = marshgas) most occupants of the
ark were in a semi-drugged state akin to hibernation.

Consider the alternative. If the Flood was not a worldwide phenomenon, by
which mountain ranges, or by what dam wall, were the waters contained that
drowned so many people and animals over so long a time? And in what
locality was this supposed to have happened? And where is its evidence?
Surely a piddling little flood would have drained its waters via rivers
into the World Oceans within days! There would then have been no need for
the Patriarch to bob around the World Ocean for practically an entire
year. Surely with such wind he would have stranded within days. But that
is NOT what the word of God says. And this is not what happened.


"By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved
with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house, by which he
condemned the world," (Hebr. 11:7)

From this we see that concerning matters of the Flood faith was required.
That was the case anterior to the Flood and may not be much different in
post-Flood times.

It is true that there were several floods before the Noachian. In fact
without such floods there would hardly be any appreciable sedimentary rock
pile on earth nowadays. Yet there is. Some of the floods were even more
spectacular, but they all seem to have followed a similar pattern. This
is a long story which I can't go into now for lack of time.

The Master Key for understanding Earth Science happenings relative to
Noah's Flood is to understand that by fossil evidence we know that
the beginning of the age of the mammals and the angiosperm plants
(accurately described as such in the Genesis account) dates back to the
K/T Boundary. This is the boundary between the Cretaceous Era of Mesozoic
times (when all dinosaurs finally kicked it) and the Paleocene Epoch of
the Kainozoic Era (corrupted to Cenozoic by the naughty Yanks). This
boundary is placed at 67 million years ago by "Science" (so
called). Whatever this represents, this MUST be the Adamic creation.
When then you scan Earth Science happenings in between now and then to
attempt to identify the Flood, it will, after some effort, dawn on you
that the Flood was of such magnitude (inconceivable to a world conditioned
to Uniformitarianism!) that actual geological Epochs are called by stages
of it. Came Satan and confused and deceived the world with millions of
years of time.

The earth's surface Adam and Enoch walked on is preserved in only a
few places today. The rest has been destroyed. The Adamic surface is
known as the "Moorland Surface" (of England), better known as
the Early Tertiary Surface so-called by its protagonist, Professor Lester
C. King (one of my teachers), a world famous geomorphologist. Read his
"Morphology of the Earth" translated into many languages
(Oliver & Boyd, 1967). If your library is a good one, or an academic one,
this work will be there. In Australia this surface lies preserved in many
places but only very patchily, mainly in the northern part of the Great
Dividing Range and western Australia. In southern Africa (where it is
called the "African Landsurface" there are only patches left
on the warped periphery of the subcontinent (peripheral warping took place
episodically on all continents during and after the Flood to accommodate
the Flood waters in the newly down-warped ocean basins). Understand that
this survived Adamic surface has three main characteristics:

1) It was incredibly flat and level, as indeed most of the pre-Flood
topography was. Although there were mountains, none of them were as
spectacular in height as the Alps or Himalayas. The great mountain scenery
we are used to Adam would not recognise were he to be shown it today.
2) Most of the Early Tertiary or Adamic surface is covered by hard
Silcrete and/or Laterite. These are Flood-related chemical accumulations
(of SiO2 for Silcrete and/or ferric iron, Fe2O3, and bauxite, Al203) for
Laterite) due to the enormous proliferation and subsequent mortality of
micro algae (mainly siliceous diatoms (for silcretes) and carbonaceous
foraminifera (for laterites). Bauxite is now the main ore for aluminium.
Silcrete is algae-recycled volcanic silica dust, laterite is
algae-recycled volcanic iron dust, which fertilised the World Ocean,
vis-à-vis the micro algae during the Flood.
3) The Early Tertiary Surface is best characterised by an unusually deep
deep-weathering zone below the soil profile (containing dozens of metres
depth of highly weathered clays now often used for ceramics). This deep
weathering material dates back to the time when the earth was under water
after Satan's rebellion (cf Gen 1:2, which describes the K/T
boundary conditions). It must then have been a highly acidic ocean floor
that destroyed every mineral on it. Such conditions prevail when the ocean
waters are highly stratified and being stagnant, do not mix vertically.

The topic is vast and one could write books on just small aspects of each.
The point is, that the Adamic creation can be identified in the
stratigraphic record, and so can the Noachian Flood (provided you know
what you are looking for). But remember, it is in the nature of Science to
be anti-God. So Science does not recognise a Noachian Flood. And
scientists will stare at you in disbelief if you challenge them on the
flood. Those surely are just Fables and Old Wives Tales!

Floods before Noah were there, but to the Saints of God those are of
lesser interest in comparison to the great interest shown by all in the
creation (a re-creation) and in Noah's Flood.

If Seeker has more queries, - seek on, my friend, and we will try and
Have fun.