Dr. Kenneth Johnson, PH.D

Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Ph. D received a triple major Ph. D from Olympian International Sports College located in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1989. Dr. Johnson is just the fourth person in the history of the school to complete a triple major in International Sports Medicine – SMD, Sports Nutrition – SND and Oriental Medicine – OMD.

Dr. Johnson was asked to serve on the International Olympian Nutrition Committee for the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul, Korea.

Following the 1988 games, Dr. Johnson was appointed Director of Sports Nutrition for the International Sports Federation at the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain.

Recognized internationally as a healing facilitator, researcher, author, lecturer and teacher, Dr. Johnson is highly solicited professionally by schools, associations, health care practitioners, physicians and patients worldwide.

Dr. Johnson has designed numerous individual and public health programs throughout the world. Dr. Johnson also develops proprietary nutrition products that are sold under his personal label, and are also licensed to nutrition supplement manufacturers and distributors that sell said products under their own private labels.

Another significant recognition is that Dr. Johnson was one of twelve, and the only alternative healthcare practitioner, appointed to the Warner-Lambert Complementary Medicine Advisory Board.

Dr. Johnson has operated his alternative healthcare practice as a Doctor of Therapeutic Nutrition in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 28 years.