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Christian Churches of God, through scholarly bible study papers, teaches the Original faith taught by the Messiah and the apostles.

CCG in the Netherlands is promoting the Full Truth regarding the Original Faith to the entire European community. Our aim is to raise the level for theological education for all the peoples of Europe. We are restoring the original doctrines instituted by Messiah and the apostles. Documents are being translated into the indigenous languages in growing numbers and are placed here for free download. The Original Gospel will be taught to all nations.

  • Holds the doctrines common to the faith over the two thousand years since Messiah and the apostles.
  • Has Conferences in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific with people growing in numbers in centers around the world.
  • Is actively translating all literature into various world languages which are available at the Christian Churches of God Multi-Language Site.
  • Is controlled by Executive Committees elected from its members.
  • Has elected general coordinators and national and area coordinators for day-to-day management.
  • Has no people paid to be ministers or priests. It's employment is task oriented.
  • Does not have a ministerial hierarchy as is commonly understood among mainstream organizations.
  • Teaches that every baptized individual has direct and immediate access to our Father through the Messiah without going through human priests or ministers.
  • Teaches that there are only two sacraments given by the Messiah.
  • Welcomes inquiries.(See contact information for e-mail and postal addresses).
  • Provides all literature without charge. Its members and friends provide funding for all expenses. No charge is levied on recipients.
  • Observes the original Holy Day sequence set forth by the apostles and the Messiah including the weekly Sabbaths, the New Moons and the annual Sabbaths, according to the biblical manner.

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PO Box 1537, Blue Springs MO 64013-1537, United States of America

E-mail: CCG Secretary

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