This book (Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright) by J. H. Allen was originally published in 1902 and is a thought provoking document on Old Testament prophecy combining much of the literature available at the time. Some of that was inaccurate and affected his conclusions. You can find the full text of the book here.

J. H. Allen's work is important in understanding the Bible and the history of birthright. For more information on this subject (including detailed maps and time lines) please visit the CCG sister site Abrahams Legacy. Allen made some serious errors and assumptions regarding the extent of the Israelites and sons of Abraham and the Hebrew peoples generally. Now with modern DNA techniques and scientific testing we can identify which male lines are from Shem and which male lines are from Japheth. Both lines are extant in the English speaking people. The majority are Japhethites but a large minority of up to 30% are Semites and also Hamites largely from Phoenician trade and Roman occupation in Britain and not just from slavery in the US. The distribution is covered in the works by Wade Cox, The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and in the series regarding the Descendants of Abraham, Part 1 (212A), Part II (212B), Part III (212C), Part IV (212D), Part V (212E), Part VI (212F), Part VII (212G), and Part VIII (212H); and also in the series Sons of Japheth Parts I-VIII (46A), (46B), (46C), (46D), (46E), (46F), (46G), (46H);  and the Sons of Ham are in papers in the series Parts I - V (45A), (45B), (45C), (45D) and (45E).

After you have read Allens original book you might like to have a look at Herbert W. Armstrong and his blatant plagiarism of Allen in "The United States and Britain in Prophecy".

Although the CCG has published J. H. Allen's work on this site it has not published the Herbert W. Armstrong book because of its plagiarism and erroneous conclusions, it can be found elsewhere on the internet.

For some examples of the plagiarist Herbert W. Armstrong's work we only need to look at a few passages:

J.H. Allen's "Judah's Sceptre and Jospeh's Birthright" (1902) Herbert W. Armstrong's "United States and Britain in Prophecy" (1967)
The name Jew is derived from, or rather is a corruption of, the name Judah.... Hence it is that the names Jew and Jews are applied only to the people who composed the kingdom of Judah Remember that the term "Jew" is merely a nickname for "Judah." Hence, it applies to only to the one nation, or House of Judah ONLY
But the great bulk of Israelites are not the Jews, just as the great bulk of Americans are not Californians, and yet all Californians are Americans Jews are Israelites, just as Californians are Americans. But MOST Israelites are not Jews, just as most Americans are not Californians
Called as the prophet of God; ... and set by the Divine One "over the nations, and over the kingdoms." What! Surely he was not set over all the nations... He now calls Jeremiah a "Prophet unto the nations," i.e. the "two nations," the "two kingdoms," the two houses--Israel and Judah Notice, Jeremiah was set over NATIONS -- more than one kingdom... He was set a prophet over Judah -- but not Judah alone. Over nations -- over kingdoms!.... Jeremiah was set over not just one nation, Judah -- but over NATIONS. Over the kingdoms -- the Kingdom of Israel as well as Judah!

More importantly it would appear that Armstrong didn't understand what he was plagiarising as he draws many wrong conclusions and misinterprets the bible.

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