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  1. Prophetically, he was the idol shepherd
  2. Worship of multiple gods
  3. Weeping for him, will not benefit you; or your nation
  4. Meaning; confusion
  5. Egyptian trio
  6. Her finger beckons near a New Moon
  7. They face east when worshipping it
  8. According to Aaron, it appeared; just like magic
  9. Goddess; held to be the personification of Venus
  10. Noted as a mighty hunter
  11. Creature identified with Molech
  12. Children were put into the fire in honour of this false god


  1. Mysticism emerged there
  2. One of the two pretenders
  3. The mother goddess to some schools of Buddhism
  4. Pagan symbol often associated with King David and his father
  5. Job's entire family were killed for taking part in this Pagan celebration
  6. He predicts; but is not of God
  7. The Shaman accends them cautiously; as a god/demon guards each one them
  8. Last clan of flesh eaters to be stamped out in the UK
  9. Nomadic shamanists who originated in the Medes
  10. Only priests are permitted to call him Hadad

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