Islam and the Quran

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  1. Arabic term indicating the 'state of being' once one is truely Christian
  2. Considered by some as a sixth pllar of Islam
  3. A mystical form of Islam
  4. A chapter in the Quran
  5. The word 'Islam' means this
  6. Day of Resurrection
  7. The first Caliph
  8. The first of the five pillars
  9. Hebrew for Allah
  10. Ishmael's mother
  11. Believers (Arabic)
  12. Place of worship for Muslims
  13. Being wed to Alrasul
  14. Islam, Judaism and true Christianity all hold a ______________ view on the nature of God
  15. The Morning Star


  1. An adherent of Islam; one who submits to Allah
  2. Arab church of God heretic, elevated to 'pope like' status
  3. It was this heresy that gave rise to Islam
  4. Islamic law
  5. Preparation day
  6. Those who did not keep it; were prolclaimed as apes and cursed by Allah
  7. The father of Ishmael
  8. Islamic scholars, responsible for the distorted views concerning the correct meaning of the Quran regarding it's relation to the scriptures
  9. Arabia's prohet made specific dispensation to the dessert tribes to be able to eat this unclean meat, provided it was butchered a specific way
  10. The larger of the two largest sects in Islam
  11. 'The Seal' of the prophets
  12. Believed to be the angel who delivered the message of the Qur'an to the Arabian prophet
  13. A lesser known sect of Islam

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