Jean Alphonse Armand

Text Box:  Full name: Jean Alphonse Armand

Family name: Armand
First name: Jean Alphonse

Jean Alphonse was born in 1978 in the province of Toliary on the island of Madagascar in the town of Tuléar.
He is French and has lived in France from 1991 to 2011.
He is now married to a Canadian.

Training and School:
He pursued in France scientific studies up to Terminale S with an option in biology.
He was trained in jazz music and current musics in a Music School and then at the National Conservatory (Conservatoire National de Region de Rouen) in Jazz.

Professional Experiences:

He had to stop his profession as a musician, because he chose not to do concerts on Friday evening (Sabbath day), on New Moons and on the Feasts of God in order not to break God’s commandments.

In 2007, he began to voluntarily help CCG as part of the CCG French translation team.

In 2009 he was appointed by the Coordinator General of the Christian Churches of God (CCG) Wade Cox as provisional Deacon-Evangelist with power of ordination and put in charge of the French work in 2010.

He was sent by CCG to Madagascar in 2010 as a missionary to establish the church there.

At the CCG World Conference Meeting held in the Sabbath Year 2012, he was re-credentialed as a minister of the Church and to the position of Regional Officer in charge of Europe and French West Africa and as the General Secretary Membership and also as Head of the French work.

Since he was baptized in October 2006 by CCG, he dedicated his time freely for CCG. And he chooses to be a voluntary unpaid officer.

He met and married Lizon Mainville, a helper fit for him and companion in the work of God. They both eagerly await the second advent of the Messiah which will be visible to the entire world to establish the Kingdom of God for 1000 years.

They both hope to be part of those in the First Resurrection who will restore this planet during the Millennium as spirit beings under the leadership of Christ.