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Preparing for the Wars

of the End


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In order to prepare for WWIII, the Globalists had to work hard to undermine the US and the British Commonwealth and their industrial capacity.



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Preparing for the Wars of the End



As we saw in the text The Fall of Egypt: The Prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms (No. 036) the prophet Ezekiel gave the sequence detailing the prophecy of the Fall of Egypt and when coupled with the prophecies of Daniel and the “seven times” we see that the prophecies of the end time go from 605 BCE with the Battle of Carchemish and on to 1916 or 2520 years or seven times from that sequence which was the start of the Babylonian system according to the prophet Daniel (Commentary on Daniel (F027ii, iv, xiii)). Ezekiel ties the period of The Fall of Egypt into two arms of forty years going from Carchemish to 525 BCE when Cambyses invaded Egypt and which, in seven times or 2520 years, goes to the year 1996 which ends the time of the Gentiles or nations (cf. No. 036 above and Fall of Egypt Part II: The Wars of the End (No. 036_2)).


From 1997 the Globalists then commenced the Last Thirty years or the time of the end which ends in the 120th jubilee or six thousand years from the Closure of Eden and the beginning of Satan’s rule as god of this world (2Cor. 4:4). In 1956, or at the end of the first forty years, with Egypt’s seizure of the Suez and the formation of its true independence which had been declared by Nasser in 1953 preparation began.  In 1956 the Club of Rome formed the Treaty of Rome for the Last Empire of Daniel of the Empire of Ten Toes which they decided to bring in to form the NWO by ending the nation states, and to establish the Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) for the final Phase as WWIII. 


WWI was fought in two stages. The first section was not the real commencement of what is known as The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The problems began from 1912 and went to 1916 and Germany and the UK were about to declare cease fire and allow Germany to retain its holdings and the war would be over. A party of European Jews came to the UK and said if they would maintain the war with Germany they would persuade the US to declare war and come in and support UK in the war provided the UK agreed to take Palestine and declare the Jewish homeland. This they did and on 24 Chislev according to the Temple Calendar, (and not the modern Hillel Calendar), the Australian Light Horse (ALH) took Jerusalem on 7 December 1917 and PM Balfour declared the Jewish Homeland as his second declaration; the Australian Constitution being the other (Commentary on Habakkuk (F035); Commentary on Haggai (F037)).


The prophecy of the 2300 evenings and mornings given through the prophet Daniel (vii) concerns the Greeks attacking the Persians at the Battle of the Granicus River in 334 BCE and goes over 2300 years to 1967 at the Six Day War and the recapture of all of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and its placement in the hands of Judah. This began the period symbolized by the Mourning for Aaron as the Temple was destroyed and the reconstruction impossible. 1997 began the 30 days of the Mourning for Moses which was symbolic of the last thirty years of this age and the return of the Messiah and the Jubilee in the Promised Land.


The Globalists were faced with the aftermath of the First World War and then the circumstances that gave rise to the rise of the Nazis and WWII. They financed both sides and then were faced with having to deal with a strengthened US and BC which stood in the way of the Globalist aims which were advanced to establish the UN through Roosevelt and Stalin, who betrayed Churchill and the Commonwealth at Yalta.


At the end of WWII the Germans held a conference at Madrid and planned for peace and control. See The Last Thirty Years: the Final Struggle (No. 219).


After WWII the Globalists began working with the Deep State and bribing politicians in the US and BC.  The US, being the richer market, became more corrupt more quickly, but the AU, NZ and Canadians were also corrupted as were the UK with the EU protagonists and Heath and others sold them out as well from both sides of the houses of parliament. The centralised banking systems were key to the destruction of the national entities and their economic systems. Big Pharma was tied in to the destruction of the nations’ health in all areas and especially in the US.


In AU both sides of the House became involved with the Globalists. Herbert Vere Evatt of the ALP had involvement with the UN from 1945. He was AU External Affairs Minister in the 1940s and was a leader at the originating conference in San Francisco in 1945, where he helped craft the UN Charter. He reportedly negotiated for fairer representation for the smaller nations. Evatt became President of the UN General Assembly in its third session.


Robert Menzies assumed the role as PM after the liberals were elected in place of the ALP on the promise of removing rationing. The Globalists undermined both sides of the house through the ALP and the Liberal Party as they did in the US with both Democrats and Republicans, and Tories and Labour in the UK.


The election of Gough Whitlam saw changes in the nature of AU sovereignty between 1972 and 1975 with the people being unaware of the changes. Fraser continued with the Globalist movement when he took over and the interest rates were increased to impossible levels, reportedly to change the face of land ownership in AU.


From 1945 the Globalists began changing the structure of AU manufacturing and began Globalising our manufacturing capacity and destroying the military industrial capacity of the US and BC.


The war reserves were deliberately diminished to almost zero and the petroleum reserves were reduced to less than 19 days capacity.


The AU Maritime capacity was deliberately reduced from a sound maritime fleet up until it was 113 ships in 2010-11 to 11 ships in 2021. Our manufacturing capacity for submarines and naval vessels is almost destroyed by the deviousness and failure of France and the stupidity or duplicity of the Australian parliament. How much is by deliberate sabotage and how much is incompetence has become a moot point?


Over this period the Globalists under the Rothschilds, the Duponts, and Rockefellers and other billionaires began taking over the centralised banking system.


The EU almost destroyed the UK and bled it white. The US was destroyed by corruption at every level on both sides of the Congress and Senate and throughout the administration. Trump managed to retrieve the situation for four years and the entire media and Deep State system tried to destroy him. The Democrats and the Republicans then worked together to return the nation to the chaotic state they were in before Trump came to office. The demons had to work very fast and they only have five years to go before the time runs out and they are placed in Tartaros. They are under great urgency.


The sequence of the establishment of the NWO is in Phase 5 now as we explained in the paper Climate Change 2021 and the New World Order (No. 218C). It will move into Phase 6 over May to September 2022 as detailed above.


The Globalists moved into WWIII in conjunction with China with its acts of undeclared war in 2018 to 2019 over weaponised COVID and the issue of the poisoned pseudo vaccines to kill the Western Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Jews.


We will now go to Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)  then into the Conduct of the War of the Sixth Trumpet (No. 141C_2). This last war is World War III and ends the sequence of the Wars of Amalek at 141C below.