New Moon 1/6/35/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Sixth Month of the 35th year of the 120th Jubilee. It was in this month that Moses came down from the mountain with the final stages of the laws of God and his Sixth Descent as explained in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 070). This month called Elul is the final phase before the month of Tishri the Seventh Month which represents the last sequence of years of the end of the age.  The sequence is divided into three sections.  The First section represents the coming of the Messiah at the end of the Age to save those who eagerly await him. Although this is really only one day, the New Moon of The Day of Trumpets actually represents the sequence of the coming of the Two Witnesses as detailed in the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses (No. 135).  At the death of the Witnesses Messiah comes to resurrect them and the elect of the First Resurrection. Thus the end of Elul is the end of the Sixth day of the Creation and the end of Satan’s rule. The Law of God is finally established and the rule of Satan ended. There is a period of fifteen days which represents the period up until the commencement of the Feast of Tabernacles.

The seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles represents the Sabbath Rest of Messiah which also is the millennial reign of Messiah at the end of the age. The symbolism of the Last Days can also be read in a sequence of the end as being fifteen years on a year for a day basis from Trumpets on 1 Tishri to the First Holy Day of Tabernacles on 15 Tishri as representing the last 15 years up until the Jubilee in 2027 and the Restoration on 1 Abib 2028 when the Millennium commences.

We know beyond doubt that the Jubilees occurred in the years 24/74/BCE and in the years 27/77 CE. Thus we can deduce that the final overcoming of the church prophesied by Daniel occurs from that time, i.e. commencing its final phase from 2012 in the modern era.

The next Holy Day sequence occurs on the 10th Day of the Seventh Month termed Atonement.  On a year for a day basis we can thus expect that the church is to be finally worn out and brought to the brink from 2012, and the Witnesses begin their reign before the God of this world for 1263.5 days before the Messiah comes.  Thus we can expect the Messiah to bring the world to reconciliation with God.  He is symbolised in this process as the Priest Messiah dressed in white linen for the Azazel Goat and the sacrifice which symbolises his First Advent and sacrifice as the High Priest of Israel and the Priest Messiah of the Resurrection.

This Resurrection takes place in two phases.  The first phase was the Barley Harvest at Passover symbolising the Resurrection and Advent of the Messiah in 30 CE and the provision of the Holy Spirit to mankind that was to symbolise the Church of God with the Holy Spirit being given to it at the Wheat Harvest of Pentecost and its subsequent two thousand years in the wilderness up until the last of the elect were brought in to the First Resurrection and that was to occur immediately prior to the Messiah taking up his role as the King Messiah of Israel when he would be robed in the kingly robes of the High Priest (cf. the paper Azazel and Atonement (No. 214)). For that reason he will come as the Priest Messiah for the First Resurrection and we will all be given the white robes of the Marriage Supper so that we will then be fit and ready to take our position with the Messiah in order that we will also share in the rulership of the Morning Star and in order to do that we must become elohim as the Angel of Yahovah at our head (Zech. 12:8; Jn. 10:34-36) (see also the papers Angel of YHVH (No. 024) and the Elect as Elohim (No. 001)).

Thus on the year for a day basis Satan or Azazel must be imprisoned and the First Resurrection take place by 2022 and the subjugation of the planet commenced and the tribe of Judah brought before God in repentance by 2022. The vials of the wrath of God must be commenced and the nations commenced to be brought to Megiddo by that date.  The False Prophet and the Beast and the Whore of Mystery Babylon must also be destroyed and brought to total subjection and their false religious system of the Triune God destroyed.

The final phase is the destruction of the nations and their final preparation for the Treble Harvest year of 2025.  The Treble Harvest will be readied for Abib 2025 and will take place in 2025 no matter how depleted the planet may be at that time. The Sabbath year of the Reading of the Law will take place in Jerusalem in 2026 and the Jubilee will commence from Atonement 2026 to Atonement 2027.  From the end of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day in 2027 the Restoration of the planet and the Second Great Exodus will commence bringing the tribes back to Jerusalem and Israel. The complete Restoration of the Middle East will occur with the Tri-national trading block of Israel, Egypt and Assyria being set up.

Israel, as we know it, will be completely reduced and will be extended by 66 KM both north and south.  All buildings on Zion will be destroyed; half in the First Earthquake and the rest in the Advent of Messiah. They will be destroyed and Jerusalem will be left aloft and all around it will be reduced to a plain. The Mount of Olives will be removed north and south with each half of the mountain at either end of the plain.  From then all building will be low in the low ground and no one will be permitted to build on the ridges except for the Temple and the houses of the elect and the priesthood as described in Ezekiel.  From beneath Zion the large water system there will then produce two rivers one to the east and one to the west and fish will move out to stock the seas which will have been rendered waste.  On each of the banks of the two rivers trees will grow for the healing of the nations in each month (cf. the paper Commentary on Zechariah (No. 297)).

The Temple Mount will be cleared completely and the Temple prophesied by Ezekiel will be built after the nation is established and the Temple will be operational by 2049 for the Third Reading of the Law.

All nations around Israel will become part of the federation of Israel.  From the Lebanon and Ante-Lebanon Mountains to the Arabian Desert and down through Gaza to the River of Egypt and from the Euphrates to  Edom and the Red Sea all nations therein will be part of the Federation and they will rule from Jerusalem.  They will all be under Messiah and the elect and the Priesthood of Melchisedek ruling from Jerusalem as it was with Abraham whose offspring all tithed to Melchisedek, being in the loins of Abraham (see the paper Melchisedek (No. 128)). The destruction now occurring in Lebanon and Gaza and in Syria and Iraq from 2001 to 2012 is being allowed to develop the lands for the federation.

Part II Sabbath 2/6/35/120

Extension of the War in the Middle East

The development of the War in the Middle East was planned by the Satanists to follow on from 2012.

The period of the primary phase of the war from 2001 to 2012 was prepared and developed from Central Asia and into Iraq. The Fundamentalists were developed from 2001 to push at the King of the North and the NATO system that invaded the areas and then developed the conflicts of Daniel 11:40-45.  The Arab spring was prepared and the Last Empire of the Beast was set up from 1997 to prepare for the New World Order (NWO) and the Nations were subjugated to that NWO.  As depicted by the opening and closing ceremonies of the 30th Olympiad in London the Satanic symbolism of the change in the operation of the world depicted that a change in world rule will take place from 2012. The symbolism of the boat of the Lord of Death and the black winged demon Satan ruled the slaves of death and the High Priestess of the vessel of the satanic system of the temples of Vesta and the Underworld with the colours of red and black guided from the prow. That system was set up to take the sequence of the planet to the South with the ensuing destruction forcing relocation to the Southern Hemisphere. The establishment for the next Olympiad in 2016 will see the destruction look to the development of the False Prophet and the Antichrist emerge from the solstice of 21 December 2012 and continue then on to the end of the four years.  Over that period the ongoing wars in the Middle East will emerge and develop on to the declared resurgence.  Satan has declared that he will rule the world from this change in 2012. Even the songs were direct invitations to “Rule with Him”.  The satanism of the Olympiads became more and more esoteric and symbols of world rule from the ceremonies in Sydney to Athens and then Beijing and with London finally being the most Satanic. The ceremony then was to see the occult symbol of the phoenix emerging openly towards the end of the ceremony.

God has allowed this change and development to close the end of this age and the fifteen years of the Last Sequence from 2012 to 2027 will see Satan bring the world to almost total destruction. God will then send Messiah to save those who eagerly await him and to finally send all the demons into the Bottomless Pit so that Christ then brings all nations to Megiddo and subjugates them all and takes captivity captive.

We are watching the wars in the Middle East now develop and the obliteration of the nations brought into fruition and the reality of it all developed so that the King of the North will appear to have established a winning empire over those years. Let us look now at how this is unfolding. The three key areas are moving on to virtual obliteration before our very eyes.  The Islamic conflict is developed between Sunni and the Shia and related factions and also involving Judaism. 

Israel and Iran

Israel and Iran are being brought to war. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak are threatening to attack Iran. In spite of that alarming prospect the world does not seem concerned.

Israel warns that its face is turned in the direction of a war that will bump up the price of oil and cause many deaths and much damage.  The world remains silent and seemingly does nothing to prevent the tragedy. There are no emergency meetings of the UN Security Council, no dramatic diplomatic delegations, no live coverage on Western and Arabic media such as Al Jazeera. The markets aren't even showing any sharp fluctuations in the price of oil and gas. The banks and agencies show no fluctuations in Israel's credit rating. The scene is quiet. Even Iranian counter-threats to hit Israel don't seem to worry anybody. That is because it is all in the plan and there is an air of unreality about it.

The world banks have actually enabled Iran to avoid sanctions and the US is now calling seven of the major world banks to examine their operations in this regard. Standard Chartered has enabled Iran to completely evade sanctions by:

  1. Selling Iranian Oil
  2. Placing the funds in world banks.
  3. Transferring the funds to a US bank effectively laundering the funds into $US and
  4. Then transferring the funds to another bank and thus allowing Iran to avoid any penalties.

Standard Chartered has now agreed on a settlement with New York regulator. The bank had previously disputed the value of the transactions that broke US sanctions. Standard Chartered has agreed to a $340m (£217m) settlement with New York regulators that accused it of hiding $250bn of transactions with Iran.

The hearing that had been scheduled for last Wednesday has now been adjourned.

The bank's chief executive Peter Sands had been in New York negotiating with the regulators.

The bank had admitted that some of its transactions did break US sanctions, but is reported as claiming that the amount totalled just $14m.

"The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) and Standard Chartered Bank have reached an agreement to settle the matter raised in the DFS order dated August 6, 2012," a statement from the regulator's superintendent said.

"The parties have agreed that the conduct at issue involved transactions of at least $250bn."

A short statement from Standard Chartered simply confirmed a settlement of $340m had been reached.

"A formal agreement containing the detailed terms of the settlement is expected to be concluded shortly," it added.

The bank also said it continued to "engage constructively" with other US authorities.

So we might then say the eye has been closed.
According to the terms of the settlement, Standard Chartered will pay a "civil penalty" of $340m to the DFS.

The BBC's John Moylan explained this week of what the Standard Chartered has been accused. It will also install a monitor for at least two years who will evaluate money-laundering controls at the bank's New York branch and report directly to the regulator.

"In addition, DFS examiners shall be placed on site at the bank," the statement said.

Finally, the settlement provided for permanent staff at the bank's New York office to audit any money-laundering controls.

The BBC's New York business correspondent Mark Gregory said the $340m was a "hefty penalty, but nothing like as hefty as it could have been" if the two parties had not negotiated a settlement. The DFS had, for example, talked of revoking Standard Chartered's New York banking licence. There are many regulators calling for exactly that to occur.

It was also reported that last week, New York's DFS alleged that the US unit of the bank had illegally hidden 60,000 transactions with Iran worth $250bn over nearly a decade.

It accused the London-based bank of being a "rogue institution" for breaking US sanctions against Iran. The previous exchanges between London and NY in the bank shows the complete disregard that the Bank had for US regulation even though the world relied on the effective policing of sanctions to bring Iran into line. It shows that the London banks are effectively rogue institutions along with the others called to answer before the New York regulators. Barclays and Standard Chartered have paid fines not the least of which is fraudulently manipulating the LIBOR rate (London Inter Bank Offering Rate) but others are being called to account in this matter also such as HSBC, RBS, Deutsche Bank, UBS and others.

Mr Sands said at the time that he was "completely surprised" by the ferocity of the DFS's attack, which he described as "disproportionate". He did, however, admit that 300 transactions did break US sanctions. "This was clearly wrong and we are sorry that they happened," Mr Sands said. All of these transactions show the complete disregard for the peace and stability of the Middle East and the safety of Israel.

Iran is helping to build and train a militia in Syria to prop up embattled President Bashar al-Assad, America's top military officer says. Gen Martin Dempsey said the militia was intended to take the pressure off battle-weary Syrian regime forces.

Iran has described Syria as part of a vital regional alliance that Tehran will not allow to be broken. This is an effective terrorist alliance of Shi’a and Alawite forces that links Iran and Syria and Lebanon with Gaza and Palestine in a Fundamentalist alliance that strikes at the very existence of Israel.

Meanwhile, a summit of Islamic countries suspended Syrian membership, despite Iranian objections.

The 57-member Organisation of Islamic Co-operation endorsed the decision of its foreign ministers at the summit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

In an apparent conciliatory gesture, Saudi state TV showed King Abdullah welcoming leaders with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at his side. They were shown talking and laughing together.

On August 16 2012 it was reported that the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has suspended Syria, with OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu saying early today that the move sent "a strong message" to Damascus.

A statement issued at the end of an OIC summit meeting in the Saudi holy city of Mecca said participants had agreed on "the need to end immediately the acts of violence in Syria and to suspend that country from the OIC."

The final statement said there had been "deep concern at the massacres and inhuman acts suffered by the Syrian people." Ihsanoglu told a news conference the decision sent "a strong message from the Muslim world to the Syrian regime." "This world can no longer accept a regime that massacres its people using planes, tanks and heavy artillery," he added.
It was "also a message to the international community stating that the Muslim world backs a peaceful solution (in Syria), and wants an end to the bloodshed and refuses to let the problem degenerate into a religious conflict and spill over "into the wider region," Ihsanoglu said.

The emergency summit of the world's largest Islamic bloc opened late on Tuesday with the suspension proposal put forward by a preparatory meeting of foreign ministers, a symbolic attempt to pile pressure on Damascus over its deadly crackdown on a 17-month uprising.
The move by the OIC, which represents 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, is aimed at further isolating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's embattled regime, but its effect is seen as being largely symbolic.
Syria was suspended from the Arab League last year over its clampdown on the uprising that Assad characterised as a plot by Western and rival powers to overthrow his regime.
Saudi King Abdullah has presided over the meeting, attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whose country has openly criticised the push to suspend Syria.

Syrian Forces

Gen Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Syrian regime forces would be "taxed" after fighting for almost 18 months.

"They are having re-supply problems, they are having morale problems, they are having the kind of wear-and-tear that would come of being in a fight for as long as they have," he said. He said Iran was training a militia made up of Syrian Shia Muslim fighters.

Syria's mainly Sunni Muslim rebels are being backed by Sunni-ruled Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as Turkey.

Shi’ite Iran supports President Assad, a member of the Alawite minority sect, which is an offshoot of Shia Islam.

Speaking at the same news conference, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said it had become obvious that Iran was providing assistance and training for the Syrian regime. "We do not think that Iran ought to be playing that role at this moment in time," he said.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appeared alongside Saudi King Abdullah at the Mecca summit.
"It is adding to the killing that's going on in Syria, and it tries to bolster a regime that we think ultimately is going to come down."

Gen Dempsey said Washington had held talks with Syria's neighbours Jordan and Turkey about the possible need for a safe zone, amid an influx of refugees fleeing the fighting. There are refugees in Jordan and Turkey as well as Lebanon and also people in Saudi Arabia who have just told its people to get out of Jordan and come home.

"With a safe haven would probably come some form of no-fly zone, but we are not planning anything unilaterally," he said. Gen Dempsey also said it appeared that rebels had recently shot down a Syrian warplane, despite Damascus insisting that it had suffered a technical fault. However, he said there was no indication that the rebels were armed with heavy weapons or surface-to-air missiles. He said the jet could have been brought down with small arms fire. However the rebels stated that they had brought it down with missiles. There seems little doubt that supplies are coming in to Rebel hands through Saudi Arabia and Turkey and also Qatar.

Battle for Aleppo

Violence has spread in recent weeks to Syria's two biggest cities, Damascus and Aleppo. The army is battling to regain control of Aleppo after retaking parts of Damascus seized by insurgents last month.

On Tuesday, activists in Aleppo said the army had shelled several rebel-held areas including Saif al-Dawla and Salah al-Din. Regime forces claimed that they had regained the areas. State news agency Sana reported that a number of "terrorists" had been killed or wounded in several areas of the city.

In Damascus, people were reportedly fleeing the central district of Qabun, fearing a military offensive.

The Regime is accused of War Crimes by the UN but rebels themselves have come in for increasing criticism because of their apparent mistreatment of prisoners in and around Aleppo.

Rebels and government forces are engaged in house-to-house fighting in Aleppo. A day after videos emerged of one man having his throat cut and the bodies of others being thrown off a roof, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) spoke out against what it termed "executions".  Their condemnation seems to have little effect due to the uncoordinated nature of their operations.

On Tuesday, former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab, who defected to Jordan last week, said the Syrian government was collapsing "morally, financially and militarily". Speaking in Amman, he said the regime controlled no more than 30% of Syrian territory. He called on the opposition abroad to unite and on the Syrian army to stand alongside its people.

Valerie Amos, the UN under-secretary general and emergency relief co-ordinator, is currently in the region trying to improve the relief effort for refugees. She is due to visit Lebanon where she will meet families who have fled Syria and will discuss with the government and humanitarian agencies how best to support those who have fled their homes.

War between Israel and Iran

Israel is preparing for 30-day war with Iran. It is noted that Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East.

Israel's outgoing home front defence minister says an attack on Iran would likely trigger a month-long conflict that would leave 500 Israelis dead. It may be much more than that and go nuclear. We have no way of knowing if Iran actually has nuclear weapons but we do know that Israel has at least 200 and probably as many as 300 warheads.  It is beyond doubt that Russia has already supplied Syria with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) including chemical weapons which are spread throughout Syria and the Russians are stationed at the Naval Base there on alert in case they fall into the wrong (i.e. Sunni /Al Qaeda) hands. Israel will not allow this to happen and there seems little doubt that the regime would enable Hamas and Hezbollah to access some of them if the regime were to fall.

Matan Vilnai told the Maariv newspaper that the Iran/Israeli fighting would be "on several fronts", with hundreds of missiles fired at Israeli towns and cities.

Israel was prepared, he said, though strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities had to be co-ordinated with the US. Meanwhile, a US blogger has published what he says are Israel's attack plans. Richard Silverstein told Jonathan Marcus of the BBC he had been given an internal briefing memo for Israel's eight-member security cabinet, which outlined what the Israeli military would do to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons.

He says that: “The text of the purported Israeli cabinet memo is just that, text. There is no document as such and thus it is impossible to verify if it is indeed an Israeli cabinet paper of some kind. But its purpose for Richard Silverstein is clear. He believes it was passed by a serving officer to the politician and then leaked by him precisely to alert the outside world to the scale of Israel's military plan to strike at Iran and thus to reduce the chances of it ever happening.

An unprecedented public debate is under way in Israel on the wisdom of launching an attack against Iran. And this leaked document, whatever its source, and whatever its original purpose, has become an element in that debate. The document itself is striking in both the scale and scope of the military operation that it proposes. It also employs a range of technologies, many of which we have known that the Israelis are developing, but this document suggests that they are battle-ready and fully operational.

So is the leaked memo propaganda or a war plan? Tehran insists its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful.

Israel has allegedly prepared, as the purported leaked Israeli memo suggests, that the military operation would begin with a massive cyber-attack against Iran's infrastructure, followed by a barrage of ballistic missiles launched at its nuclear facilities.

Military command-and-control systems, research and development facilities, and the homes of senior figures in nuclear and missile development would also be targeted.

Only then would manned aircraft be sent in to attack ‘a short-list of those targets which require further assault’.

BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the document, but the proposed mission would be huge and have potentially far-reaching consequences.

Iran's government and military have made it clear that if it is attacked either by Israel or the US, it will respond in kind, either directly or through proxies.

In his interview with Maariv, Mr Vilnai said Israel had ‘prepared as never before’. There is no room for hysteria,’ said the former general, who is stepping down at the end of August to become Israel's ambassador to China.

He echoed an assessment by Defence Minister Ehud Barak, who said that it was believed that some 500 people in Israel might be killed. That is undoubtedly an underestimate and will prompt massive retaliation in much of the Middle East and prompt Turkey to react to contain the Shia forces and undoubtedly commit NATO to the Middle East in accordance with Daniel 11:40-45. The alarming news will almost certainly be in association with WMD and force a major war commencing from the Euphrates basin and extend to the East and North as stated by Daniel.

“’There might be fewer dead, or more, perhaps... but this is the scenario for which we are preparing, in accordance with the best expert advice;’ say the Israelis.

‘The assessments are for a war that will last 30 days on several fronts,’ he added, alluding to the possibility of attacks by the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shia Islamist movement, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamist militants in the Gaza Strip.”

Mr Vilnai also declined to comment on US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta's assertion on Tuesday that Washington did not believe Israel had yet made a decision on whether or not to launch a strike on Iran.

"I don't want to be dragged into the debate," he added. "But the United States is our greatest friend and we will always have to co-ordinate such moves with it."

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Mr Vilnai would be succeeded by Avi Dichter, a former head of Israel's internal security agency, Shin Bet.

We are now about to escalate the conflict to the point of the where the Kings of the North will be forced to enter the Middle East and the conflict will see the formation of the reaction and then the suppression of the  Middle East and the expansion of the Empire of the Beast and its Religious System (see the papers WWIII Part I: The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and  WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B)).

Pray the Witnesses are here soon.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.