Over the years CCG has tried to assist and use Wikipedia to develop the internet aspects of education so that people in developing countries and those unable to access big city libraries could have easy and verifiable access to a reasonable standard of scholarship for education purposes.
We supported the vision of Jimmy Wales in founding Wikipedia and we have watched it grow with interest.
CCGs quotations of Wikipedia have been made in good faith and represented the correct scholarship at the time. Unfortunately the editorial policy is now under the control of a variable committee and its editors are often unqualified in the subject they edit and some have demonstrated bias in areas in which they are not qualified to comment. In short it is open to editorial stacking by self-interested parties.

Should errors occur in any aspect of the quotations from Wikipedia please draw it to our attention and we will provide other references.

Some of the views expressed in Wikipedia are just plain wrong such as the article on Shemita which is based on a rabbinical 49 year jubilee which is unbiblical, unhistorical and based on the post Temple period rabbinical reconstruction (see also the paper Distortion of God's Calendar in Judah (No. 195B)).