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Birthdays are based on the Solar Calendar and have nothing to do with the Bible system of God’s calendar. Where do Birthday celebrations come from?




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The Bible states that the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth (Eccl. 7:1).

There is no record of the date of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, but we know it has nothing to do with the pagan celebration of 25 December.

Paganism is intertwined with the worship of the Triune God. Satan worshippers stole the Christian religion through the Mystery and Sun cults and they made Christ the center of their religious system. His Birthday is the birth of the invincible sun tied in with the midwinter festivals in the Northern hemisphere. Christ then has a birthday because the birthday is the center of satanic religious worship.

Satan established a system of worship outside the will of God and His Law. The Satanists seek to become gods and grasp equality with the Father without relying on His grace in obedience to Him. Christ never sought to do this (Phil. 2:5-8). The elect become sons of God because of their obedience to the commandments of God (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).

The birthday is the start and most holy of occasions of the Satanic Solar calendar. This calendar is used by the Trinitarian religious system.

The Satanic Bible (Anton Szandor LaVey, (Air) Book of Lucifer – The Enlightenment, Avon Books, 1969, Ch XI, Religious Holidays, p. 96) has the following to say about Birthdays:

THE highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one’s own birthday This is in direct contradiction to the holy of holy days of other religions, which deify a particular god who has been created in an anthropomorphic form of their own image, thereby showing that the ego is not really buried.

The Satanist feels: ‘Why not really be honest and if you are going to create a god in your image, why not create that god as yourself." Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year.

Also it says further:

After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween (or All Hallows' Eve).

(read more at La Vey, ibid pp. 96-98)

Trinitarianism adopted Pagan holydays and disguised them as Christian holydays. They were successful because the Germans and the Teutons generally were all part of this ancient system of human sacrifice and had been from their time in the Middle East (cf. The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

Bible account of birthdays

The keeping of birthdays entered Judah from the Assyro-Babylonians. Ancient Egypt celebrated them by banquets such as Pharaoh kept in Genesis 40:20. On this occasion the baker was put to death.

Another occasion was when John the Baptist was killed on Herod’s birthday (Matt.14: 6). See Matthew 14:6-9.

The position on Birthdays in the Bible appears to be given definitively in Job 1:1-12. Job was blessed but his children followed the ways of the Assyro-Babylonians in celebrating the days of their birth (cf. Companion Bible fn.).

Job sacrificed for his children, but all of these children were killed for their sins. They were not sanctified in Job because of their sin. Sin results in death for the elect and consignment to the second resurrection with the rest of mankind (see the paper The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143)).

Birthdays and Human Sacrifice

The disturbing occurrence of human sacrifice with birthdays cannot be overlooked.

Herodotus shows us that Birthdays were accompanied by a special meal among the Persians (Persian Wars I, 133). In the case of the king there was an annual royal banquet with gifts being given to his subjects (ix, 110).

The pre-Hellenistic Greeks celebrated the birthdays of gods and prominent men (ISBE, art. Birthday, Vol. 1, p. 515).

Josephus (Wars of the Jews, vii. 3. 1) refers to Titus’ celebration of his brother’s and father’s birthdays by slaughtering Jewish captives.

There is no evidence for the celebration of birthdays in Israel in pre-Hellenistic times (ISBE ibid). The Name Days that entered Trinitarianism derive from the same sources.

Birthdays are specific days in which the individual becomes a god and is part of the ancient system of the Satanic mysteries. It is tied up with the concepts of human sacrifice and the disposal of life. It is non-Biblical and strikes at the power and authority of God.

God gave us the system of His Calendar and His holy days in that sequence. Birthdays based on a false calendar are not part of that system (see God’s Calendar (No. 156)).