The Sea Shore and the Rising Tides


Over the last few weeks it has become increasingly obvious that there is something very wrong with the rising tides and water levels on the South Coast of Australia.
At Batemans Bay NSW the water has been slowly rising over recent times but this year it has started to increase. Recent newspaper articles have drawn attention to the fact that this year the tides around the summer solstice which are always higher than normal in Australia had in fact risen to levels a half metre or 18 inches or more higher that normal. As it was a dry summer it could not be blamed on rains and authorities said they were at a loss to explain the increase.

The rising levels were made worse by the recent rains and the land area on the north of the Bay at Surfside had to be bagged to protect the waterfront edges. However, the bagging did not take into consideration that the conjunction would follow and the tide on the New Moon would be another high spring tide and it was high enough to tear away all the bagging set in place on the Monday. In the article by Frances Wildren (Bay Post Wednesday 13 February 2002 p. 3) it was stated by the locals interviewed that about 17 metres of the land had been lost since 1973 but 12 metres of that was lost in the last twelve months. It is not just a metre a month either. It is accelerating. What is happening is that the erosion is speeding up as the waters rise. We are now at the stage where the waters have risen to critical levels and have started to erode the seashores at a rate that is increasing exponentially.

When I flew in from South Africa with my wife at the end of December last year I was amazed to see the ice flows broken up and spread so far north from the Antarctic. They were very close to the Southern Australian mainland in relative terms.

At this rate of rising seas we will see much more serious erosions next year and our road areas will begin to be cut on the New and Full moons.

I had mentioned that the Waterline of the Australian Sea Coast was seven feet higher than it is now over the last two thousand years and that figure coincides with the levels of the ancient sea ports at Ephesus which is now miles inland. The caps like Greenland have increasingly frozen over about a thousand years ago dropping the sea levels by seven feet. The thaw is now under way. Only this time it will be given a boost by Global Warming and we will see far more than a seven foot rise. It will be far and away above that level.

The authorities in the Eurobodalla Shire now concede that there is evidence that the problem will get worse over the next eighty years. No more talk of a thousand years before it will rise one foot as we had in 1997. It has already gone up half a metre in tide fluctuations since we published the paper Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218).

What is now emerging is that we will face increasing catastrophe with the spring tides and increased rainfall will add to that problem. What were once productive river flats will become mangroves for a short period and then go completely under. The valleys will become fjords and land will become scarce on the coast. People will be forced inland but under circumstances that are less than desirable had they moved now when they should.

Instead, the gnomes of the money lenders are forcing people to the cities where they are most vulnerable and we will be exposed to attack and unable to defend ourselves industrially. In short we are controlled by short sighted fools intent on destroying our stability and our wealth to pursue their own silly agendas.

Wake up before it is too late.

Wade Cox