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Wars of the End Part I:

Wars of Amalek


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Here we examine the Wars of Amalek up to the end of the Wars of the Trumpets.



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Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek


Moses prophesied before the occupation of the Promised Land that God would fight against Amalek in the Last Days.


Exodus 17:7-16

7And he called the name of the place Massah and Mer'ibah, because of the faultfinding of the children of Israel, and because they put the LORD to the proof by saying, "Is the LORD among us or not?" 8Then came Am'alek and fought with Israel at Reph'idim. 9And Moses said to Joshua, "Choose for us men, and go out, fight with Am'alek; tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in my hand." 10So Joshua did as Moses told him, and fought with Am'alek; and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. 11Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed; and whenever he lowered his hand, Am'alek prevailed. 12But Moses' hands grew weary; so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat upon it, and Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; so his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. 13And Joshua mowed down Am'alek and his people with the edge of the sword. 14And the LORD said to Moses, "Write this as a memorial in a book and recite it in the ears of Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Am'alek from under heaven." 15And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD is my banner, 16saying, "A hand upon the banner of the LORD! The LORD will have war with Am'alek from generation to generation." 


Thus the Last Days will see the war with Amalek and the Lord will fight against Amalek and blot his name out from under heaven.


The prophecy then begs the question: Who is Amalek?


We have answered this question in a number of writings and extensively in the Qur’an or Koran.  There is however a vital distinction in the identification and it is to be identified as a vital element in the people and the various nations as we will see.


Amalek has also been identified in the texts of the Koran specifically at the Commentary on the Koran Surah 15 Al Hijr (Q015) and the Commentary on the Koran: Surah 81(Q81) regarding the Wars of Amalek in the Last Days (see also Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS)) and specifically at the Section QSB; cf. also the paper Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and others below.


The Wars of Amalek in the Last Days began with the Muslim Spring from end 2012-2013 to 2019. The week of the Wars of Amalek ends with the Sabbath Year of 2019/2020. The wars will simply escalate over the period as we have already seen until it develops into the biochemical war of the Fifth Trumpet and then into the thermo nuclear war of WWIII in 2019-2020-2020/21, which is the War of the Sixth Trumpet, and on to 2024 under the Witnesses and Messiah which will be explained in Parts II and III below (see also the paper Weeks of the Omer Count Applied to the Last Jubilee (No. 173A)


Identification of Amalek

The temptation is to identify the sons of Amalek as the Arab people as we see from the history of the Arabs tying them into the Arabs from Al Hijr in the vicinity of Becca/Petra.


The reality is that the sons of Amalek are tied into both the Arabs and the Edomites and also the sons of Keturah and the Elamites or Persians. The devotees are associated with the pagan gods of Baal or Hubal and the goddess and the laws of Hubal on which the Sharia is based and it is their identity that is concerned with the wars of the Last Days.      


God is not concerned to blot out the sons of Shem, but rather the pseudo-Muslims that teach the pagan doctrines of the Sharia law and the denial of Scripture. These are they that fail to keep God’s Calendar (No. 156) and understand how the Calendar was corrupted in both Judaism and in pseudo-Islam (see the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053)). These infidels, Christ will destroy forever. Those that repent and are converted to the Unitarian Sabbath-keeping doctrines of Scripture and the Koran will survive. The Sharia elements will be wiped out.


The Amalek elements differ from the Baal worshippers that have a Binitarian or Trinitarian God (derived from Attis and Cybele and the Triune God). They worship on Sunday and keep Christmas and Easter from the Sun and Mystery Cults derived from Baal worship. They are both however, the worshippers of the Satanist inspired doctrines of Baal and the goddess Easter. Both elements will be destroyed over these Last Days.


The elements of the gods Attis, Adonis and Osiris entered Christianity from Rome with Attis and Mithras and the other elements from Greece and Alexandria. These are the Antinomian elements centred on Rome which Christ will also destroy forever.


The Seven Seals are vital to an understanding of the sequence. They are covered in the paper The Seven Seals (No. 140).


The Seventh Seal is in fact the sequence of the Seven Trumpets (No. 141). It is with these that we will see the sequence of the problems in the Last Days. We will examine the Wars and their results and compare it to the Book of Esther below (see the Commentary on Esther (F017)).


Israel was faced with the problem of Amalek over the centuries. Firstly we saw above it was with Moses.  Then it was with Agag with Saul and whom Samuel slew and Saul had his kingdom removed because he did not obey God. Then it was with Haman the Agagite who was to destroy Judah at the time of Esther.  As we saw in the Commentary on the Koran Haman was a traditional name of the leaders of the Amalekites. Agag was ruler at the time of Samuel and the Agagites were a ruling clan of the Amalekites at the time of the captivity. These conflicts are detailed also in the Commentary on Esther (F017). The ten sons of Haman are a typology of the Last Days of the Empire of the Ten Toes killed by Messiah.


They have continued in opposition to the Laws of God right through to the time of the prophet Qasim and God gave them a warning through the Koran as we have explained in the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran above and that Warning was disregarded and corrupted within a century as was the Message of Christ before it.


Planning and Preparation for the Wars of the Last Days

After the Ascension of Messiah and the death of the apostles and the Seventy after they had spread the gospel and founded the Churches of God, Satan began in earnest to undermine the faith (see also The Fate of the Twelve Apostles (No. 122B)). 


In the Second century Satan introduced the worship of the god Baal and the goddess Easter in the Sun and Mystery cults, prevalent in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, into Christianity, and using Mysticism corrupted the faith. By the end of the Second century the demons had introduced Sunday worship, and the Easter festival of the goddess; and the traditions of Attis, Adonis and Osiris and Mithras into Christianity in various levels and areas. They corrupted the understanding of the Nature of God introducing Binitarianism and then a form of Modalism.  At the end of the Fourth century by 380 CE the Cappadocians had grafted the structure of the Triune God (of Rome) onto the corruptions and formulated the doctrine of the Trinity (see the paper Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B)). The Council of Constantinople in 381 adopted the false doctrine and it was ratified at Chalcedon in 451. 


By 590 Pope Gregory I had declared the Holy Roman Empire as was prophesied in Daniel Chapter 2 as the Feet of Iron and Miry Clay.  That was to last for 1260 years to 1850.


In 570 CE the man Qasim ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib was born into the tribe of the Qureysh at Becca/Petra (see the papers Sons of Shem (No. 212) and also Descendants of Abraham: Ishmael (No. 212C) and Descendants of Abraham: Sons of Keturah (No. 212D)).


In 590 at the year of the declaration he was 20 and able to be inducted in the service of God. He married a woman 14 years older than he, named Kadijah, and served her family for a number of years.  She was of the Jewish Clan at Becca/Petra that had adopted Christianity centuries earlier as a part of the early Sabbatarian Church of God.  In 608 he was taught the Scriptures by his wife’s uncle and baptised for receipt of the Ahmed or Holy Spirit.


In 610/11 CE before the Passover he was called by God through the Angel Gabriel to commence the warning to the Arab peoples at Becca/Petra and in Arabia generally (see Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (No. Q001)). He became the head of the Muhammad which was the church council at Becca/Petra (ibid). He was instilled with the Pillars of the Faith (Q001A).


The understanding of the early Judaic, Christian and Semitic peoples generally was the same (see the Commentary on the Koran: Prologue (QP)).  See also the Chronology of the Qur’an or Koran (Q001B).


The Prophet was given the Koran in a far different sequence than the numerical sequence in which it is traditionally listed numbering from Surahs 1 to 114. See the url


The sequence of its issue was done on an educational basis rather than a theological sequence represented by its numerical structure. The Chronology is listed at Q001B above. The reasons for the Chronological sequence of issue and the theology are explained in the Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS).


Time Frame of the Decline

The Dragon knew that he had the limited time that he did and pursued the woman which was the church of the elect of the faith.  The woman was sent into the wilderness for the time, times and half a time of the persecution of the elect. The period was for 1260 prophetic year-days of the elect in the wilderness under the Empire of the Beast. The period was to last from 590 CE when it was established by the false religious system of the pseudo-Christian church under Gregory I who established the Holy Roman Empire. It was to last until 1850 CE based at Rome but spread throughout the world. This was the empire of the Two Feet of Iron and Miry clay that took over from the Legs of Iron that were the Roman Empire as we see from the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2. It was ended by the plebiscite in Italy in 1850 and the Papal States were ended.


Over the period from 1850 to the commencement of the wars of the end in 1916 in accordance with the prophecies in Ezekiel and Daniel the preparation for the end days was commenced with the preparation for the New World Order of the end empire of the Ten Toes of Daniel chapter 2 which would rule over the end days, commencing at the end of the time of the Gentiles or Nations in 1997 (see the papers The Prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms Part I (No. 036) and Part II (No. 036_2)).


This system is moving to rule the world at the end period under the NWO. It will be cut short and destroyed by the Messiah which is the stone uncut by human hands at Daniel 2:44-45. Messiah will destroy this entire Babylonian system and the rule of this world and take over the world in the last few years of the period ending in 2026-2027 CE which is exactly 40 Jubilees or 2000 years from the formation of the church under Messiah from 27 CE which was the Fifteenth year of Tiberius when Christ was baptised by John the Baptist and he selected his disciples. The church received the Holy Spirit in 30 CE on Christ’s acceptance as the Wave Sheaf Offering before the Throne of God (cf. Acts ch. 2; Rev. chs. 4 and 5) (cf. The Timing of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection (No. 159); The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013); cf. also The Man of Sin and the Apostasy (No. 299E)).


The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jer. 30:7) began in 1916, 2520 years or seven times from the Battle of Carchemish (605 BCE) which established the Babylonian model of Daniel chapter 2 which was to last Seven times or 2520 years. And that period symbolised by the prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms in Ezekiel was to continue for two periods of forty years which went to the end of the time of the Gentiles in 1996/7, 2520 years from the occupation of Egypt by Cambyses in 525 BCE, as explained in the papers on the Fall of Egypt (No. 036) and (No. 036_2) as listed above.


This period continues on until the coming of the Messiah and the end of the wars and the Vials of the Wrath of God by Atonement 2024. This period ends the Wars of the Last Days with the end of the Vials under Messiah (cf. Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)).


This matter then raises the issue of: Who is Jacob and thus who and where is Israel?



In 722 BCE the last of the northern ten tribes of Israel proper had gone into captivity under the Assyrians and sent north of the Araxes River. The elements east of the Jordan had gone earlier and they were scattered among the elements of the Hittites (and some Scythians). They then formed composite tribes of R1b Hittites and Hg I Israelites who lasted in the areas north of what is now Iraq until the end of the Parthian Empire when they migrated North West into Europe and settled in NW Europe (and also with some Hg G Assyrians).


The elements of the Tuatha De Danaan migrated into Ireland before the prophet Jeremiah went there at the time of the captivity.  They constitute the Hg I (Isles) among the British and Irish. The other Israelites among the Anglo Saxons and Jutes are the eight groups of the Hg I (AS). They are spread over Europe in the other national groupings among the Lombards and the Heruli of Dalmatia and from Denmark to Spain and into the Balkans. They were also spread among the Salien and Riphathian Franks, who later comprised the French.


The Semitic Haplogroups of the Sons of Abraham are of the IJ supergroup and then they split into Hgs I and J. The Sons of Keturah are also of Hg. I and they include the Laconian or Spartan Greeks.

See the Sons of Shem: Part I (No. 212A) and the Descendants of Abraham Part II: Lot Moab Ammon and Esau (No. 212B); Descendants of Abraham Part III: Ishmael (No. 212C); Descendants of Abraham Part IV: Sons of Keturah (No. 212D); Descendants of Abraham Part V: Judah (No. 212E); and Descendants of Abraham Part VI: (No. 212F).


It is important to understand what is happening in relation to the positions and tribal groupings of these nations in the Last Days and what is to happen to them. The planning for the wars of the end began from the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1850 through the build up to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble which went over the wars from WWI through until WWIII. The Holocaust was part of that system which emanated from the Trinitarian Sunday system structured from Rome. That persecution of the Holocaust was also a period of trial. It was of a time, times, and half a time (of 1260 actual days) in WWII under the Nazis. The first concentration camp was handed to the Lutheran Church at Hamburg and then another established at Dachau and an RC camp run by Franciscans in Croatia and endless others.


These aspects are covered in the papers referenced here (see also the papers WWIII Part I: The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B))


Wars of the Last Days

This period in the build up to the Messiah can be seen in the papers dealing with The Weeks of the Omer Count Applied to the Last Jubilee (P173A) and also in the texts of the Koran at the Commentary on the Koran (Surah 15) Al Hijr and Commentary on the Koran: Surah 81(Q81) regarding the Wars of Amalek in the Last Days (see also Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran (QS)).


The UN assisted in this phase with the planning of the mass invasion of Europe from the Middle East and North Africa. The planning and direction came from the UN some two decades previously at the end of the Time of the Gentiles from 1997.


The fifth column was started and funded from Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Gulf States and the Muslim Brotherhood extending to Afghanistan and Pakistan and into the old Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union. They simply disagree on how they operate and not in the eradication of European civilisation.


The destabilization was commenced from the Western Globalist system in the US and Europe. The US Deep State and the criminal Democrat and Neocon Globalist systems began the wars from Afghanistan and Pakistan commencing with the controlled demolitions of the false flag event of 9-11; although Bush Snr commenced the operations against Iraq from Operation “Desert Storm.”


The War of the Fifth Trumpet

The Sequence of the Seven Seals (No. 140) and the Seven Trumpets (No. 141) demonstrates an ongoing and developing sequence of the destruction of the planet and its environment over the Millennia. The Trumpets show the destruction of the environment from the third of the planet’s landscape in trees and foliage to grasses and through drought and the pollution of its seas and waters by failure to observe God’s laws; and then through the two wars of the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpets. The destruction of the Trumpets continues over the Witnesses and through the Vials of the Wrath of God where they reach completion.


Warning the Nations

The final heavenly signs under the Fourth Trumpet will see the earth warned as required in Jeremiah 4:15-16 and to the desolation of the lands to verses 21ff. and to verse 27. We then progress to the war of the Fifth Trumpet. The conditions for the war of the Fifth Trumpet were laid in place when the chemical and biological weapons of the Cold War were developed from WWII and distributed to the various countries depending on their allegiances. This war develops into the great and terrible wars which are the woes of the earth.


What happens then is that a third of the rivers are destroyed as the rivers are increasingly inundated. The basins of America and North-west Europe, Thailand, Indonesia/Malaysia and lowland China, will face progressive inundation and pollution. We then put complete pressure on the planet to sustain life. Were it to last longer, vast wars would become necessary to relocate peoples in order to get to the remaining food bowls. We see then why we go into the next phase, which is Revelation 8:13. This is the start of the woes.

13Then I looked, and I heard an eagle crying with a loud voice, as it flew in midheaven, "Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, at the blasts of the other trumpets which the three angels are about to blow!" (RSV)


We saw that the Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) was commenced in 1987 over the final 40 years and we dealt with that in the paper on the Seven Trumpets (No. 141) above. We are now well into the measuring of the churches and the nations.


God does nothing before warning the people which commences with the Churches of God (Amos 3:7). The Warning of the Nations began from 1994 and then over the new vehicle of the Internet from end 1995/1996.


This is the last warning before the wars commence in full and the Churches of God are also dealt with in their heresies of Ditheism (No. 076B) and Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 076).


Also they have been formally warned of the heresy of the Hillel Calendar, the Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C). They were also warned of the failure to keep the New Moon in the Letter to the Churches of God re the New Moons and the Hillel Calendar (No. 124B).   They have been judged and will now be corrected under the wars. In accordance with James 3:1 the ministry will be judged more severely than the brethren (Commentary on James (F059)).  They will all be judged for breach of the Sabbath, and the Holy Days with Hillel, and their hiring of people on the Sabbath at restaurants and elsewhere.  There is no Place of Safety (No. 194). They will go through the wars and then if they do not repent they will face the Witnesses and then if they do not repent early in the Witness and keep at least one complete year correctly they will be excluded from the First Resurrection and go into the millennial system as humans under correction.  There is no negotiation.


The Trinitarian Sun System and all the false religions will not enter the millennial system and their unrepentant priests and imams will be killed and they will all be consigned to the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). So also will Agnostics, and Atheists, and Antinomians who teach the Laws of God are done away or that the Laws have been replaced by Christ or by the Sharia or by Satanism or some other such pagan nonsense; or those who teach Animism or Confucianism, or Hinduism or any other ‘ism’. They will all repent or die.


The First Woe

Revelation 9:1-21  And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; 2he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. 3Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth; 4they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads; 5they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man. 6And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them.


God allows those who reject His Laws and follow the false systems of the Baal worshippers of the Sun and Mystery cults and the Sharia to be targeted and progressively destroyed. These elements are the causes of the wars and much of the evil of the Last Days.  The sequence of the destruction occurs over the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets and the 1260 days of the Witnesses (Part II) and the subjugation by the Messiah and the resurrected elect under the Vials of the Wrath of God (Part III).


A lot of people will want to die over this period but over some of it they won’t be able to die. The bottomless pit of locusts relates also to the four angels of the bottomless pit who are bound at the Euphrates. Those four angels were there to kill a third of mankind. Here we are dealing with war, aerial operations and chemical weapons. They are dealt with under direction from the demons.

7In appearance the locusts were like horses arrayed for battle; on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces, 8their hair like women's hair, and their teeth like lions' teeth; 9they had scales like iron breastplates, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle. 10They have tails like scorpions, and stings, and their power of hurting men for five months lies in their tails. 11They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abad'don, and in Greek he is called Apol'lyon.

[Apollyon means destroyer.]


Note that the entire earth is not to be harmed yet but only those who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. The armies that have these weapons use tanks and helicopter gunships and they use chemical weapons. The angel of the bottomless pit is in command of them and the area they operate from is the Middle East. It is for this reason that the world is concerned that Syria, being governed by the Allowite minority and in alliance with Russia, is quite capable of using these weapons against its own people and as we have seen has done so already. Russia is warning of more chemical weapons in Syria at present. This bio-chemical war originating from the Middle East will commence the woes of the planet. This is the first Woe.


The undermining of Europe and its civilisation has been occurring for over one hundred years. The plans have been formulated by the UN since its inception.


The Biochemical agents have been weaponised for many years and they have been provided to the Middle East by Russia and by the US agencies. They are now being infiltrated to Europe and the terrorist elements in the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


We will see the re-emergence of Polio, Smallpox, Dengue, Typhoid, Measles etc. and many other insect born diseases. The weaponised diseases such as Ebola are endless and the US has just as many as Russia and China if not more. So also will we see Sarin, mustard gas, and nuclear developed poisons like Novichok, which was field tested recently in UK. 


Sweden is now being torched by Muslim terrorists and so also will be France and then the other nations in quick succession.


The plan is to cause chaos to force UN world structured control. This chaos is supported by the Marxist Globalists and is the reason we see the feeble minded people among the Europeans and Scandinavians and UK demonstrating in support of the refugees and terrorists while their cities burn. These are what the Globalist Satanists called convenient idiots.


The cowardice and mis-education and misdirection among the people in these last days in the West are simply staggering. The idiocy of the UK establishment in trying to overturn the UK Brexit vote and remain in the EU despite the UK referendum will see many of the Globalists killed and a rebellion in UK to reorganise to combat the terrorist menace.  The UK will nevertheless be forced to operate with Germany and occupy France to survive and from this union will emerge the last Beast Power.


The plan to control the EU and infiltrate it will not work initially as the people will simply not tolerate it and the Globalist politicians that are in control at present will be overthrown and killed systematically as the nations wake up to what has been done to them. Australia is about to stop all Muslim immigration as the people see what is happening, as they are exposed to more terrorism.  So also it is being seen in the US.  New Zealand and Canada will have their Globalist governments opposed with the objective of them being removed and replaced once the people wake up to what these Globalists have systematically done to them at the instigation of the universities and the criminal globalist elements controlling them.


Many universities, commencing with Oxford and the Rhodes globalist system there, will suffer greatly around the world. The Marxist Globalists have undermined the people and their brainwashing will be a real problem.


The wars in Europe will develop into this dreadful biochemical war which will then force the escalation into the War of the Sixth Trumpet which is the Second Woe.


Satan and the two elements of the pseudo-Christians in Europe and the pseudo-Muslims of the Hadithic and Sharia-Terrorists moving there will force the reaction from Western Europe.


The wars were to commence much earlier under the Globalist Criminals in the US but the failure of the Democrats and Neocons to  take, and control, the US presidency in 2016 resulted in a reprieve which set the rule of the Beast of the Last Days back and set back the time of Satan in the pit of Tartaros and thus preventing his early release at the end of the Millennium by a period of up to four or five years. That is critical to the survival of the world intact for the Second Resurrection and Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B) in 3027 CE.


The situation will also force the US reactions and the elimination of the Marxist Globalists in the US. The entire West Coast will see a complete rebellion against the existing political structure there. So also will the corrupted structure in Illinois and NY and over the NE of the US simply revolt and destroy the current Deep State and Globalist system.


The forced reorganisation of UK and Germany with the remnant of France and Europe after its internal destruction and the wars they are forced to fight to redress these terrorist activities forces them to occupy France and move south into Spain and Portugal and Italy and ultimately to occupy North Africa from Morocco to Egypt and then to Ethiopia and Somalia. They then enter Palestine and subjugate the Middle East. That action sees Russia and China go to war both there and in Asia, which quickly turns nuclear. They have been planning this for a long time.


These actions are in accordance with Daniel 11:40-45.

40"At the time of the end the king of the south shall attack him; but the king of the north shall rush upon him like a whirlwind, with chariots and horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall come into countries and shall overflow and pass through.


The text here says the king of the South shall attack him but it is often rendered as “push at him.” This refers to the massive invasion set up in the refugee and terrorist infiltrations now seen in Europe and Scandinavia and in the US and BC.


41He shall come into the glorious land. And tens of thousands shall fall, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom and Moab and the main part of the Ammonites. 42He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 43He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt; and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall follow in his train. 

These texts mean that these North African states will be at his beck and call or in other words “do his bidding.” The conflicts then explode into the War of the Sixth Trumpet.


44But tidings from the east and the north shall alarm him, and he shall go forth with great fury to exterminate and utterly destroy many.


This text refers to the war that kills a third of mankind also called the War of the Sixth Trumpet. The “News” concerns the mobilisation of the Northern forces and the Asian Forces.

45And he shall pitch his palatial tents between the sea and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, with none to help him. 


This end text at verse 45 refers to the last 42 months of the Empire of the Beast and over the Witnesses and their 1260 days and the coming of the Messiah as we explain below and as prophesied in Daniel chapter 12. They occupy Gaza and Palestine and into Lebanon and establish the UN body there at Jerusalem.


Also we will see the Religious whore that conspired with the Beast destroyed in the Vatican in Rome and the Whore will proceed with the Beast to occupy Jerusalem for the 42 months in which they will face the Witnesses as we see in Part II.


But why is all this necessary? Why do we have to face these conflicts? Surely God can stop them if He wants to do so?  What is His plan?


The Plan of God

Before God created the earth (Job 38:4-7) He saw, through His omniscience, the outcome of the creation and the rebellion of the third of the Host and the necessity for the redemption of mankind and the fallen Host.


After the earth had become Tohu and Bohu or without form and void, the elohim or sons of God were sent under direction through the Holy Spirit to refurbish the earth as we see in Genesis Chapter 1. Satan was placed in charge of the earth as its Morning Star. He had objected to the creation of man and interfered with them as witnessed by Enoch who qualified as a replacement son of God. As a result of the sin, the earth was destroyed by the Flood and restarted under Noah and his sons.


To preserve free will and the value of the learning experience for the future of mankind God allowed the Problem of Evil (No. 118) to exist. To allow His system and to fulfil His plan, He, being omniscient, determined a new system using all aspects of the Human and Heavenly Host as He decided they were fit to be used (cf. Predestination (No. 296)).


After Noah had replenished the earth and they had reached the pinnacle of their obstinacy at Babel, Eloah confounded their languages and dispersed them.  The Most High allocated the nations according to the number of the sons of God which formed the divine council of the Seventy as established among the Elohim (Deut. 32:8 RSV, cf. LXX and DSS). The MT was deliberately altered to conceal this fact.


Israel was set aside to be the inheritance of the elohim or son of God we now know as Messiah. He was the star that was to come out of Jacob (Num. 24:17).


Israel was to form the physical vehicle for the preservation of the Laws of God both under the tribes and the prophets and then through the Churches of God as the spiritual edifice that was to become the replacement of the sons of God as the Temple of God and the elohim that were to replace the demons or the fallen Host, when their time had been completed.


Transition of Power

From the beginning God established the week as the outline of His plan. The Six days of the week, He allocated to Satan as god, or elohim/theos of this earth (2Cor. 4:4) and he was given the six days as six thousand years or 120 jubilees to rule the earth.  During this time man would be tested to see if he would obey God and His Laws or not. Those that kept the Sabbaths, New Moons and the Feasts and Holy Days and regulate their families and groups according to the Laws of God laid down in the Bible would be allowed to enter the Temple as baptised members of the Body of Christ.  Prior to that, it was only by being selected as a patriarch or prophet that one was able to enter the elect.


The First Resurrection was set to precede the Millennial Sabbath of Messiah. Only those that were selected as part of the elect and that had been persecuted or martyred for the faith in keeping the Commandments of God and the testimony or faith of Jesus Christ could be part of this resurrected host of the new elohim (Rev. 12:17; 14:12). Keeping the law was the test set by God and sin was transgression of the Law. Thus also repentance and forgiveness by the Grace of God was the means of restoration to God as the Spiritual Temple of God.


Sin was transgression of God’s law and all sinned from Satan and the Fallen Host to mankind at all levels and thus they had to be offered a source of salvation expressed in their leader who was to show that he was willing to lay down his life for those he was to save and that was the test by which he was tried and mankind and the Host were able to be restored and to enter the Body of Christ as part of the Temple of God in either of the Resurrections (cf. The City of God (No. 180)).


To prevent as many as possible from achieving this status Satan created as many false religions as possible using the Mystery and Sun cults in establishing a false system of the days of worship and the festivals he developed such as Sunday Worship, Christmas and Easter festivals, all of which long preceded Christianity and were used as counterfeits.  So also did he use the worship of Baal as Hubal and the goddess in the Middle East with the counterfeit system of Sharia to neutralise the witness of the Qur’an or Koran under Qasim and cause conflicts of the Last Days in their final outcomes. Satan also created the attack on the function of Christ as the means of Salvation by adopting doctrines of the vicarious sacrifice of the Messiah being inadequate to save mankind and in Christianity based on the Greek idea that gods cannot befriend man and thus Christ had to be God to reconcile man to God and this idea was taken up by the Imam idolaters of Hadithic Islam to negate the position of Christ in the Scriptures and the Koran.


Look also at Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B), Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235), Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).


The Sabbath Day which is required in the Bible and the Koran is linked to it as a sign of the Covenant as the Fourth Commandment and in Surah 4:154 in the Qur’an.


No person who does not keep the Sabbaths and New Moons (Isa. 66:23) and the Feasts and Holy Days of God (Zech 14:16-19; Ex. 12:15; Ex 31:14) will be allowed to live under the Messiah in the Millennial Sabbath of God. Nor are they allowed to be in the First Resurrection in order to enter the Sabbath Rest of God. There will be no false system and no calendar challenging the authority of God’s Calendar (No. 156) allowed to exist for the restoration under Messiah. Every priest and imam that teaches contrary to the Law of God will be silenced and will not enter the First Garden of Paradise which is the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and the millennial system.


There is no negotiation regarding these aspects and the false religions are to be exterminated along with the end of Satan’s rule. No practicing Satanist will be allowed to live past the Jubilee and enter the Millennium. 


Satan knows his time is short and he is working desperately to prove his point and eradicate mankind before the Millennium.


It is the task of all those of the First Resurrection who have been persecuted for the faith and accepted by God as the Body of Christ to take over from the demons at the coming of the Messiah and enforce the Laws of God.


Satan and the entire fallen Host are then confined to the pit of Tartaros for 1000 years of the Millennium and then released at the end of the Millennium for the final war of 3023-3027.


They are then killed and resurrected as humans in the Second Resurrection. They are then judged by the elect of the First Resurrection (1Cor. 6:3) (cf. Judgment of the Demons (No. 080)).


Weakening of the Nations

In order to minimise the power of the Messiah and the replacement elect it is important to Satan to work to ensure that there is no flesh left alive and to prevent that happening Messiah is sent early enough to save the elect and enough of mankind to establish the millennial system.


Thus Satan has a vested interest in weakening the nations.  This event was foretold in Isaiah 14:16.  It is done so that they can be enslaved under a world system represented by the last Empire of the Ten Toes of Daniel chapter 2, understood as the Empire of the Beast (299A) above. These ten toes are the regional economic zones of the NWO or Globalist order set up to operate under the UN and as part of the trading enclave of the Central Banks.


To enable this to occur, the League of Nations and then the UN were set up by the Satanists and the US administration was instrumental in this regard. There are two divergent views on the administration of this order and the conflict was inherent in the system set up by Satan so that the wars will occur and are unstoppable unless the world repents, which they will not do.


War of the Sixth Trumpet

We then see that the rest of mankind does not repent and is faced with the Witnesses and then the Advent of the Messiah and the Vials of the Wrath of God. 

20The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands nor give up worshiping demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which cannot either see or hear or walk; 21nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their immorality or their thefts. (RSV)


This process is to bring them to repentance. The world is as bad as the days of Noah and worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah.


That is what the Warning of the Last Days is saying before the Wars, and then the Witnesses after the wars are saying: “Repent! If you do not we will destroy you”. They do not repent; so they are hit with one trumpet then the second etc. and finally the planet groans and they go to war. A third of the world is killed in this war because they do not repent.


Our purpose is to warn the planet and its people and they know they can and must repent. They have to be warned and told why they have to repent. There won’t be any negotiation with the Witnesses. This is not happening outside of the control of God; it is happening under direction from Jesus Christ through the Two Witnesses. The Elect and the Loyal Host will be in control of this process, and we have nothing to fear.


The planet groans under this process, and the war kills a third of mankind. We had the Great War for Civilisation in 1914-18 and it did not kill a third of mankind. That was supposedly the war to end all wars. Yet we were back into it again within 25 years. All this was nothing compared to these wars of the end. Following this sequence the seven thunders sound which is a process of prophecy.


Revelation 10:8-11 Then the voice which I had heard from heaven spoke to me again, saying, "Go, take the scroll which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land." 9So I went to the angel and told him to give me the little scroll; and he said to me, "Take it and eat; it will be bitter to your stomach, but sweet as honey in your mouth." 10And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it; it was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter. 11And I was told, "You must again prophesy about many peoples and nations and tongues and kings." (RSV)


This sequence deals with the The Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) that was foretold by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 4:15-16ff.) and that prophetic structure comes out of Ephraim and Dan which is the new Joseph of the Last Days (cf. Rev. ch. 7) and warns the nations of the coming of the Messiah and what is to come to pass.


The text then regresses again to the year 1987 when the Measuring of the Temple is begun in the last forty years of the Six Thousand Years of the rule of Satan and the demons and the rebellious earth.


We know from the Commentary on Daniel Chapter 7 (No. 299C) that the beast that is Russia is ultimately crushed and formed into an element of the Fourth Beast. 


That means that in the process of the Wars of Amalek with the progression from the War of the Fifth Trumpet to the War of the Sixth Trumpet the Russians are opposed and the elements of Amalek that seek the destruction of Israel will be opposed and destroyed. Russia will face nuclear war and the elements currently in charge of Russia and China will be overthrown. Russia will then become part of the Beast. The Satanists and demons hope that China will be able to destroy the US and BC and prevent the millennial system.  It will not do so.


There is a great move and repentance and conversion among the sons of Shem over the period of the Witnesses and they are saved with an element prepared for the First Resurrection. These will be those who are returned to the faith of the sons of Abraham and to the covenant of the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts of God under God’s Calendar (No. 156) and break free of the worship of Hubal and the Sharia law system emanating from them. All elements of all faiths will be removed from the Sun Worship of Baal and Easter in Sunday worship and Christmas and Easter which will be eliminated completely from the world by the beginning of the Millennium. The antinomian process will also be destroyed (cf. The Man of Sin and the Apostasy (No. 299E)).


After the War of the Sixth Trumpet which kills a Third of mankind we are then faced with the Seventh Trumpet which forms the Seven Vials of the Wrath of God released on mankind with the return of the Messiah.


Yet after all this, mankind as a whole still does not repent.


Weakening of the US and BC

Israel was weakened in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble from the massive losses of 1916-1918 and in WWII. After WWII the industrial might of the US and BC in AU and UK and Canada was deliberately sabotaged by its leadership and through the Globalists of the banking and finance systems. Their capacity to mobilise and produce arms was systematically reduced and destroyed by the traitors among them. Often their state secrets and interests were destroyed or betrayed by the criminals in the White House and security systems, and in the UK also. The Congress undermined the health of the Nations and stole massive amounts from the people. The regulation of poisons and of pharmaceuticals was corrupted and the health of the people undermined.


Arab and Iranian oil money was taken by the politicians so enabling the corrupt in the UK, EU and the US in the administration and the judiciary to undermine in order to enslave their people and enable the false religion of Hadithic Islam to enter Europe, AU and the US to enable Satanists, paedophiles, perverts and sodomites to undermine the ethical standards of the people.


The War of the Fifth Trumpet will awaken the people to the seriousness of the problem but up until the war of the Sixth Trumpet they will not have completely woken to the danger they are in. As they awake to the treason and treachery of their leaders they will arise and react and commence to obliterate the traitors among them.  Unfortunately they will not as yet repent and their religious corruption will force them into the Judgment of the Witnesses and then the subjugation by Messiah as we will see in Parts II and III.


The capacity to wage war is now so seriously undermined that AU can be taken by a competent force in some seven days or so. Their war reserves are almost non-existent and their fuel reserves will be exhausted in three weeks. Their power structure and ports and electricity systems and even water supplies are owned by overseas sources and vulnerable to sabotage. Western Australia has recently sold part of its water suppliers to China. So also the port of Darwin and others were sold to China. Under the Curses, God first sends those He curses mad (Deut. 28:28). That is happening with US, UK, Canada and AU now.


US discipline and structure is so bad that the Globalists have created a revolutionary body within the US and corrupted the education and health of the US. Canada is hopelessly corrupted and wrongly educated. God’s Laws have been undermined so significantly that the US and BC do not recognise or follow them and calls them unnecessary at best, or simply evil, and follow the laws of the Sun and Mystery cults under Satan as though they are the correct laws and they follow the Satanic calendar with their holidays on the Days of Human Sacrifice, keeping the satanic festivals.


The only thing that will keep the US and BC from total destruction and captivity, along with Europe, is the nuclear capacity of the US and UK.


The Globalists and Satanists saw that their capacity had to be destroyed or the NWO was not able to be enforced. The nations of the US and BC were systematically crippled by trade agreements and critical defence budget cuts and Defence industries were shipped offshore. Their political structure was corrupted by Satanists and Globalists who were often one and the same.


The religious system of the Trinitarian Sun and Mystery cults has been directed at undermining the religious system and taking over the judiciary and education systems of the entire US and BC so that their strength is undermined. However, over the war of the Fifth Trumpet the full horror of what has been done to them will become evident to the whole world. The sheer evil of the system from Rome will be further exposed and the Beast will turn on and destroy the whore. The Vatican will be smashed and the priests killed and the papal system will be removed to Jerusalem, under the control of the Beast system, over the bodies of its priests (see the paper WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No 299B). See the paper The Last Pope (No. 288) for an examination of their own prophecies regarding their demise.


The nuclear exchanges will be directed at crippling the industrial and administrative capacities of the major centres. The targets in AU will be the centres of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and the political centre of Canberra. The ports of Darwin and the north are already under Chinese control. The nation can then be taken over and the people resettled where the demons and Satanists wish to send them. Unless the settlers of Australia repent they may well find themselves sent to the Trans-Siberian Railway and occupying the areas in Siberia and the Scots and Irish may well find themselves in Urimchi in the Uighur Autonomous Region, where their ancestors were ca 1750 BCE. 


The Achilles heel of AU is its water reserves and their security and the terrorists will head for those and the control and infrastructure and transport systems in the cities.


The military capacity of AU is very poor and national conscription needs to be introduced immediately to give them any hope of survival.


China has also nominated a number of nations to be occupied and absorbed into Greater China. They announced in August 2018 that the Philippines is one such nation.  They consider it necessary to fight six wars over the next thirty years. Fortunately, God will not allow that and will stop all wars after 2024 for the millennial system.


In the US, over WWIII, it will be the ports of the West Coast and the ports of the East Coast that are targeted first. An electro-magnetic pulse weapon will be exploded on the central west, probably over Omaha Nebraska, and the entire US grid will collapse. The vehicle manufacturers have been installing computers in the vehicles since the early 1970s such that they can be shut down in their entirety and the nations are powerless to move people and their transport systems can also be shut down. This was done for control of the populace in states of emergency. However, this capacity can be used by both sides of the opposing forces as well.


Also computer controlled aircraft are a weakness in nuclear exchanges and all first line nuclear strike fighters should  have valve backup as we have known since the early 1970s, and which were placed in the MIG 21B Foxbats and subsequent aircraft.


Our food reserves are being destroyed by incompetence and drought.  The nations are degenerating to sodomy and lesbianism and Same Sex Marriage and paedophilia and transgenderism by the emasculation of our young. We abort our young in the millions and we remove organs and kill people, especially children, en masse.


We kill our people with drugs and our politicians profit from it. China manufactures the drugs and undermines our youth as part of its strategy.


God has removed His hand from mankind and we are now about to face the end days in all God’s wrath. We will face ongoing droughts now until October 2024 as the Witnesses and Messiah direct. We must stockpile food reserves as much as possible all over the world.


Putin of Russia has told Merkel of Germany in August 2018 that the war in Syria is now over and all Syrians should be returned to the country to help rebuild it. (However he has also warned of the chemical attacks anticipated as above.) That of course does not sit well with the globalist objectives and for what the EU leaders were paid. However when the War of the Fifth Trumpet emerges full blown many of these leaders will be killed and the society reorganised. Out of that horrific reorganisation the last Empire of the Beast will emerge, and the Wars of Amalek will see the Hadithic Sharia system destroyed along with that of the Mullahs in Tehran.


Pakistan, Afghanistan and the former Soviet states are allied with China and will be forced into nuclear conflict with India and NATO.


Prophecy also dictates that what is now Syria will be included in Israel which will stretch to the Euphrates and North of the Euphrates will be occupied by the Assyrians who come with Israel out of the North (Isa. 19:23). Judah and Israel will also be combined (Jer. 3:18). (See also Commentary on Zephaniah (F036); (cf. Isa. 19:23 re Day of the Lord cf. Bullinger fn.)


Whilst the War emerges from conditions in the Middle East, the War of the Fifth Trumpet will destabilise Europe. Turkey intends to profit from that by utilising its power and the Islamic system to re-establish the Caliphate and its leaders seek to profit from that. As a result NATO will be compromised. The alliance with Israel will also be affected. 


Initially it will appear that the Islamic terrorist activities have distracted and weakened Europe and also the US. Russia and China will seek to secure their positions in the Pacific and attempts will be made to destabilise the US and AU and their alliances.


If Russia wishes to make war with NATO it must act decisively. Otherwise it must seek to join NATO as Russia will be forced to do after the war.


When it is perceived most opportune Russia will strike into Europe, probably in three arms. 

  1. The Northern force will enter Scandinavia through Finland.
  2. The Central force will strike the Baltic and into Poland
  3. The Southern Force will enter Greece and the Balkans through Serbia.


The temptation will be for Turkey to join them and reoccupy Greece.


The three arms will strike west to cripple Europe. The EU administration is so weak, incompetent and corrupt that it will almost cripple Europe and UK entirely.


China will strike in the East and the Mexicans and the South Americans will assist in trying to cripple the US.  The result will be the war will go nuclear immediately and a third of the world will be destroyed.


Weapons will be prepositioned in merchant ships to paralyse the capital cities in the NATO alliance and in AU and NZ cities.


The problems faced in the US and BC caused by the globalists will see a massive reaction and there will be a violent bloodbath.


China and Russia will face massive damage and their people will react and they will see social and administrative revolutions occur.


The people will be faced with massive food shortages and many will die or be forced to systematic cannibalism.


Over two billion people will die.


Of the remainder another two billion will be destroyed in the plagues and the pestilence that follow.


The Empire of the Beast then reorganises in Jerusalem and commences to establish its system of rule from there and that will last 42 Months.


It is among this carnage that God allows the Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah, to land in Jerusalem in the Merkabah chariot and commence to preach to the world over their mission of 1260 days. This is the final test before Messiah.


Their Witness will be opposed by the Beast Power and the False Prophet. The world will oppose them and attempt to kill them but will only succeed on day 1260.  Then the Messiah will come on the morning of day 1264 and the First Resurrection of the Dead will occur.


We will now move to:

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WWIII, Holocaust II and Nuremberg 2.0 (No. 141C_3); then into the mission of the Witnesses in Part II. 

Wars of the End Part II: 1260 days of the Witnesses (No. 141D) and then to:

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