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Bible Study Program

for Children


(Edition 4.0 20061230-20120129)


Children’s Bible Studies are grouped into categories to assist in organising study programs.



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Bible Study Program for Children

1. The Family of God



2. God’s Plan of Salvation



3. Biblical Stories



4. The Law of God


Lessons on the Laws of God

  1. First Commandment (No. CB70)
  2. Second Commandment (No. CB71)
  3. Third Commandment (No. CB72)
  4. Fourth Commandment (No. CB73)
  5. Fifth Commandment (No. CB74)
  6. Sixth Commandment (No. CB75)
  7. Seventh Commandment (No. CB76)
  8. Eighth Commandment (No. CB77)
  9. Ninth Commandment (No. CB78)
  10. Tenth Commandment (No. CB79)
  11. Law at our Doorposts (No. CB80)


5. Holy Days



6. The Armour of God - Series:



7. The Temple - Series:



8. The Priesthood - Series:



9. Sacrifices and Offerings



10. False System



11. Plays


·         The Play of Ruth (No. CB18_2)

·         The Story of Esther in Play Form (No. CB38_2)

·         Lesson: The Battle of Christ and Satan (No. CB81)


12. Miscellaneous


·         What is Sin? (No. CB26)

·         Understanding the Beatitudes (No. CB27)

·         Lesson on Prayer Part A Teacher's Guide (No. CB31)

·         Lesson on Prayer Part B Worksheet (No. CB32)

·         Our Brother (No. CB37)

·         OBEY (No. CB101)

·         Witchcraft and the Occult (No. CB97)